Our Mission

In My Backyard is a creative placekeeping project in support of the tiny home movement for neighbors that need a safe place to be--a legal place to rest and a way to be part of our Denver community. Our project aims to shift from a perspective of “other” to seeing that we are one anothers’ sisters and brothers. We tour a mobile tiny home activated by socially engaged artists to demonstrate the vitality and creativity emerging from tiny home communities. We create an equal exchange with neighbors to gain advocates that feel empowered to support the tiny home movement.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to engaging neighbors around the cultural assets including creativity, vitality and resiliency of communities that are experiencing homelessness. We've found that the greatest potential for challenging our preconceived notions of homelessness is through direct, personal contact with communities of people experiencing homelessness. The mobility of our tiny home allows for our mission to transcend the typical limitations of a tiny home communitie's move-ability and bring its hope, vitality, and creativity straight to a location near you.

What we Hope to create

Our hopes for our touring tiny home is to create a physical space in which one can connect their physical senses to our mission:

  •  Through socially engaged art from village members and local artists activating the space of our tiny home - one will be seeing the creative vibrancy overflowing from these communities. 
  • Through concert and performance from local musicians connected to tiny home communities in Denver - one will be hearing the complex melody of stories and lifestyles that have culminated within tiny home villages. 
  • Through meals served by villagers and food providers in Denver dedicated to eradicating food insecurity - one will be tasting the variety of ethnicities and cultures that are represented in Tiny Home Communities.

We will create for visitors to In My Backyard a complete experience of the vitality, creativity, and resilience from our brothers and sisters that now call a tiny home community home.